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With experience and passion we do many kinds of photography, both for businesses and individuals. Some of our specialties include company video presentations, corporate profile pictures, photo essay, video presentation and film for the web and websites. We also have photography courses and workshops in camera techniques and creative imagery, either in groups or individually. Contact us for more information.

Working as a wedding photographer you have a big responsibility but also lot’s of fun. You take part in an important moment in life, filled with strong emotions and joy, while creating beautiful images, this is why I love wedding photography.
Contact us if you want to have a experienced, committed and positive photographer for your wedding!

About the photographer

Images and impressions have always spoken to me more than words. The camera has followed me throughout my life and I try to show the key moments of life as I see them.

People and the imprint in history from what we leave behind are closest to my heart when it comes to photography.

The short childhood, an upcoming Mother’s amazing journey with the new life. The wonderful day when two people give promise to support each other in life. A loved ones wonderful face. All this I would like to help capture and preserve as your memory for life.


Good references are available, please contact us for a discussion about your plans and wishes.

Member of the SFF Swedish Professional Photographers

We take on all kinds of photographic challenges like business images, editorial work, portraits, travel photography and books. Please inquire for other kinds of photography work like architectural photography.

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